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Fundraiser Checklist

Print this list as a checklist for the steps to running a successful fundraiser. 


Lead up

  • Tasks allocated to fundraising team
  • People notified that the fundraiser is coming up and what they need to do
  • Fundraiser booked for week of________
  • Distribution method of order forms organized
  • Collating of order forms and return of Group order form organized
  • Method of receiving funds organized
  • Safe place to store money organized
  • Payment flagged with person who pays the bills
  • Delivery location organized
  • Distribution of orders organized


During the fundraising drive

  • Regular reminders sent home telling sellers where and when to return their money
  • Money and returns collected daily/weekly. Money banked/stored in a safe place.
  • Collate order forms and return of Group order form.
  • Pay for goods on receipt of tax invoice.


Receiving and distributing your order

  • All items received and in good condition, nothing damaged or missing
  • Distribute orders accordingly.


Finalizing the campaign

  • Distribute ‘wrap up’ notice to families/members and thank everyone for their efforts. Make sure you specially thank your team members
  • Let everyone know how much money they have raised though their efforts and what the money will be used for.