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Announcing Fundraiser

Use this template to announce your upcoming fundraiser and let your sellers know what they need to do. 


Dear families/members

Every year we run fundraising activities so that we can raise money to pay for essential equipment for our organisation/school.

This year we are working with Fair-trade Fundraising and we are asking our supporters to try and sell their [Soapnuts/Christmas Crackers].  We have chosen Fair-trade Fundraising because they offer Fair Trade products that are also environmentally friendly. By running a fundraiser through Fair-trade fundraising we will not only raise funds for our community we will be helping provide jobs to people in disadvantaged communities in [India/South Africa].

We believe that this fundraiser sets a better example than the traditional cake or chocolate drives, as it will encourage the children to learn about other communities around the globe, and know that their actions can help improve the lives of others. We get a percentage of every single sale so the more people involved, the more we sell and the more money we make!

We would love to have your support and ask you help out by selling the product.

In [month] we will be running the fundraising drive to raise money for [what you intend to buy or use the money for]. We are hoping to raise $____ and need your help and support.

Each family/group member will be given an order form for soapnuts/Christmas Crackers to sell. 

[delete this section if you don’t want to give people the option to ‘opt-out’]

If you DO NOT wish to be involved in this fundrasing drive, and may prefer to just make a donation please notify [Name, contact phone/email] by [date].

Thank you for you support. We are grateful for your involvement in helping us fundraise for [school/organisation name].

Yours sincerely
[name, position]