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How It Works

The process is EASY:

  1. Contact us on line* or call us on 1300 828 448 to book your fundraiser.
  2. Download the relevant brochures*, order forms*, and templates*.
  3. Conduct your fundraising promotion (we recommend allowing for a 2 week campaign and 1 week to chase up stragglers).
  4. Collate your orders, complete the group order form* and return to us.
  5. We send you a tax invoice via email and you pay it by direct deposit or cheque.
  6. Goods are shipped to one address within 10 days of receipt of payment. Note soapnuts will be shipped direct from Melbourne, however Christmas crackers are to be shipped direct from South Africa and may take 10-12 weeks delivery.
  7. Distribute your products, celebrate your fundraising success and thank your fundraisers.


Please note:

  • As an alternative if you wish to make a bulk order and sell the products directly, rather than running a drive please contact us to discuss. Prices would be the same.
  • Soapnuts can be run at any time of year, however, please book 6 weeks in advance of soapnut fundraiser to ensure you have enough time to prepare for the drive and stock will be readily available. 
  • Group orders for the Christmas crackers must be in no later than 20 September to ensure delivery prior to Christmas.
  • Please register your interest for the Christmas crackers by the end of March to ensure we have sufficient stock for your drive.
  • Free freight Australia wide on orders over $750. Orders under $750 will incur a shipping fee from our offices in Frankston South, Victoria.


Your profits:

Fair-trade fundraising product:

Your purchase price from Fair-trade Fundraising (incl. GST):

Your sale price:

Your 33% Profit*:

Soap nuts




Luxury Christmas crackers (6 pack)




Vertical pack Christmas Crackers (9 pack)




Value pack Christmas crackers (6 pack)




Games Christmas Crackers (6 pack)




*Assumes your group is under the GST threshold

Note: Above prices are based on 2013 range for christmas crackers. Prices and range may vary slightly for 2014.


How to make your fundraiser a success


1. Plan

Plan your fundraiser in advance giving yourself time to be well organized, and allowing plenty of advance notice to your participants. A few well-run fundraisers per year will be more profitable and successful than many unorganized ones.


2. Set a target

People are more likely to support your fundraiser if they know how much you need toraise and what the money will be used for, eg: “We need to raise $1,000 to buy new sports equipment”.


3. Establish strong support base

Get people involved and delegate specific tasks, eg: money collection, helping with distribution. Work with teachers, staff or committee members to keep people enthused and involved in the drive.


4. Communicate

It’s essential that your participants know your fundraiser is coming up and what they need to do.Tell people at least 2–3 weeks before the start of your fundraiser and include clear instructionsand deadlines.

It is also important to keep people informed of the outcome of the fundraising drive. Let them know how successful they were in their fundraising efforts and how the money will be used.


5. Provide options

Allow people the option to make a donation instead of fundraising. Make the donation value higher than the fundraising profit amount as incentive for getting involved.


6. Promote

Promoting your fundraiser to the wider community will improve its success. Use social media to assist with promoting the fundraiser and making sales. Contact your local media with details on your groupand why it is fundraising. Approach localbusinesses to display flyers and sell items.


7. Encourage

Encourage your participants by setting weekly targets, eg: create a money ‘thermometer’ that showshow much money has been received each week. Use assemblies, newsletters, group emails, socialmedia and your website to highlight the progress of the drive. You could also provide prizes andincentives for biggest seller, fastest seller, most creative seller, etc.


8. Appreciate

Showing appreciation and thanking people is the best way to encourage them to be involved in your next project. Thank people for their individual and group contributions, publically and personally. Eg: call, email or speak with people who did specific tasks or made the most effort and thank them byname in your newsletter, at assembly or your next meeting.

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