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Fair Alternatives in Fundraising

We are an Australian family owned company, committed to helping your school or organization raise as many funds as possible, to benefit your community, in an ethical manner. Your success is our success, and our success will help disadvantaged workers in poor regions of the globe. We hope to make your fundraising experience as easy as possible and welcome any enquiry you may have.



Using our fundraising drives not only raises money for your school or group, but it also provides income for the producers and manufacturers who are in very disadvantaged communities, and would much prefer to receive trade over aid. 



Our soapnuts are a completely natural alternative to conventional washing detergents. They are sustainably produced, free of chemicals, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and the grey water can be used on the garden to save water.

The Christmas crackers use recycled board, and try and minimize on packaging.



Through our fundraising drives you will raise awareness, in the participants, of the environment and the impact they have on it, as well as the hardships experienced by others around the globe, and how their actions can assist, while at the same time raising funds for their own community. 


What is Fair Trade

10 Principles of the World Fair Trade Organization  

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